The Capkido Philosophy is derived from an ancient philosophy.  Every part of the body is rigorously trained to become a weapon.  As the saying goes “Every arm must become a spear, every open hand a sword, and every finger a dagger”.  To transfer our weak bodies into strong tools of self-defense is the primary physical goal.   Read more...

What Is Capkido?

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Defunkin' The Funk - How NOT To Be Young And Stupid Paperback and eBook

As a young individual, it is likely that everybody is telling you to grow up and be an adult. The problem with this is nobody tells you how. Worse yet, is the adults who are trying and tell you how, when they don’t know the answer to the question themselves. Well that is what I am going to attempt to do with this book.
Warning! Double Warning!! Triple Warning!!!
1. The introduction to this book is to warn the person or people who are about to read it.
2. When this work was put together it was not meant to be politically correct in any way.
3. The augmented style that is dominant is one of no holds barred, shoot from the hip, in-your-face text. Read more..

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Defunkin' The Funk - How To Use The Wooden Octagon Nunchaku For Combat and Street Self Defense

Want to learn how to survive in combat using the nunchuks?  Metal nunchakus make noise and are easily seen and caught by security devices.  Nunchaku made from other materials and constructed other ways don't develop the proper required velocity for hardest impact possible which should be around... Read more...

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Defunkin' The Funk - Instructions For How To Restring The Wooden Octagon Nunchaku For Optimal Power

Since we are talking about some of the secrets of this beautiful weapon let us talk about what to tie them together with. The answer is nylon rope. Today nothing works better for what ever the Wooden Octagonal Nunchaku shape or size is. Now here is the thing most people don't know about nylon rope. It has to be a certain size because it affects the proper speed and arc of the weapon.  Read more....

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Defunkin' The Funk - How To Pick A Martial Arts School

There are many martial arts schools. Schools that claim to teach self-defense often offer specialized classes. Take a moment to expound on their true value as far as the martial arts and genuine self-defense are concerned. The techniques taught in most non-traditional martial arts disciplines are focused primarily on increasing the heart rate, building stamina, and in turn improving your overall health. Read more...

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Defunkin' The Funk - How To Meditate with Audio Guided Meditation

While many view the martial arts as a style of fighting and self defense. There is an entirely other side of it rarely spoken about... Like the Ying & Yang. There are two sides to every force, a sort of "universal truth" if you will. Read more...

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Defunkin' The Funk - How To Successfully Lose Weight

You must remember diet programs are a billion dollar business [which is really only about making money] what all these other people have, is an interest in you and that they are in the business of selling you...  Read more...

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The Capkido philosophy is to put together a curriculum of martial arts and related disciplines. Without these other disciplines, martial arts is just about brawling. A martial art such as Capkido would be organized in such a way as to promote self-expression and health, with traditional values of total body integration, inner harmony and well being for the body, mind, and spirit of the individual.  Shop Now!

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