Grandmaster Caprio has been studying, teaching, and has been an integral member of the martial arts community for over 50 years.  He has a definable lineage that can be tracked through the martial arts world.  You will notice that throughout the entire video, "Defunkin the Funk- How To Pick A Martial Arts School", he is specifically vague about Martial Art styles, and by doing so, he is not placing any limitations on you, the art, or himself.

     There are many styles and schools available.  There are also many different aspects to these schools, whether traditional or non-traditional.  Some offer more meaningful content then others.  The combination of all these aspects make the school what it is.  The difference is similar to the ingredients contained in soup compared to water. 

      To demonstrate this point, ask anyone what is in a can of soup.  Their answer will obviously be soup.  But what about all the other ingredients that you otherwise would not consider?  The next time you have the opportunity, take a look at the label on any can.  You will see that there are sometimes 20 or more ingredients in most brands.  Without all of the right ingredients, prepared correctly, the taste would be very bland.   With soup, the martial arts, and even life, the idea is to add flavor to the things that may seem bland and understand what they are, and how they affect what they do.  

     Grandmaster Caprio‚Äôs goal is to take you on an enlightening endeavor and to bring to the martial arts what he feels is missing

     One of Grandmaster Caprio's many teachings is the formation of personal goals. These goals may include small goals such as learning a new form or may include setting and planning a "Z" goal for the duration of one's life...

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Defunkin' The Funk How To Use The Wooden Octagon Nunchaku for Combat or Street Self Defense

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Defunkin' The Funk Product Catalog

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