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What does it mean?

Capkido - What Does It Mean?

     The Caprio Academy for Martial Arts Inc. is completely different than most any other school out there. Instead of focusing on fighting or competing, the Caprio Academy stays away from anything that would generate a conflicting situation. We are dedicated to the growth of human potential inherent in each individual. Quite simply, the focus is on the individual, the whole person.
     Philosophy is the love for wisdom, (Phil = love; sophy = wisdom), the love of improving yourself, and expanding your knowledge, to gain wisdom.  Wisdom is the ability to apply knowledge, which is the basis of the Capkido concept.  Where is the value of wisdom without the ability to apply it?  Inner research and development to bring the body, mind, and spirit to the higher levels should be the main focus in every martial arts school.

      With this in mind, everyone has probably asked themselves or their instructor, "What is the philosophy behind the art they are studying?"

     By now, many of you must be asking, what does CAPKIDO mean?  Well, literally translated, it means:

"The Highest Point That One May Go To"
"Inner Power"
"The Way"

     Put together, CAPKIDO means "the way to bring the inner power to it's highest point".  In a sense, the person training puts a "cap" on themselves.  Individually, what it means is that you can go as high as you want to go.

     The Capkido Philosophy is to put together a curriculum of martial arts and related disciplines. Without these other disciplines, martial arts is just about brawling.  A martial art such as Capkido would be organized in such a way as to promote self-expression and health, with traditional values of total body integration, inner harmony and well being for the body, mind, and spirit of the individual. The Caprio Academy for Martial Arts Inc. takes the best from the East and West and blends the Ancient techniques with modern needs.  One of the goals of a school like the Caprio Academy for Martial Arts would be to plan its martial arts classes and workshops to relate to stress management, relaxation, body fitness, self-confidence, poise, weight control, and last but not least self-defense.

     Capkido develops character, sharpens coordination, and speeds reflexes. Its an excellent way to get into shape and stay there. It provides the opportunity, regardless of physical capabilities, to work with other students and advanced martial artists, allowing an individual to make rapid progress, limited only by their own desire.

     Through desire, consistency, and persistence, most students quickly find that they can do far more than they would have ever imagined.

     So even though the reasons for studying a martial art such as Capkido are as varied as the needs and interests of those who study it, the main one focus that everyone can relate to is... Be all that you can be all of the time.




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