Defunkin' The Funk About How To Succesfully Lose Weight

by Grandmaster Caprio



      The following weight loss system will work for any person of any age. Are your kids overweight? Are you carrying around "a few" extra pounds?

     There seems to be a widespread philosophy within the medical and weight loss communities on the subject of weight loss in general. Before I share with you my information, I suggest that you read through all of the information prior to attempting to apply it. In addition, please consult your family doctor, dietitian, and/or medical expert before trying any of the methods described in this documentation.

     You must remember diet programs are a billion dollar business [which is really only about making money] what all these other people have, is an interest in you and that they are in the business of selling you their pill or their foods to make a living. This is what is different about what I am doing. I’m selling something too, but it is the information you need to eliminate most of all these other diet programs. How can you lose weight with a pill or a diet made for another person?

     The reality of losing weight is not quite so dismal. A Consumer Reports survey states that twenty-five percent of all readers, that use a commercial type diet, had kept off about two-thirds of the weight they managed to lose.

     It is very easy to be discouraged by the experts if you are trying to lose weight. Most dietitians and doctors customarily cite figures that are pessimistic like the notorious “95% failure rate.” According to this statistic, about 95% of all dieters gain their weight back, and then some. Just look at some diet programs that are popular today.

     Most dieters are looking for a higher than 25% success rate when selecting a weight loss regiment. For this and a host of many other reasons, I decided to look at what’s different about the way some student’s I have trained attempted to lose weight. Through many trials I have narrowed down a very specific method that has worked for everybody that has tried it so far. It appears that it has a 100% success rate. Commercial weight loss and diet programs which don’t tell you how to follow through and keep that weight off for good are just trying to sell you their products. I will share this information with anyone who wants it. Most commercial weight loss and diet programs really don’t understand what’s wrong. Or maybe they do?

     Digging a hole, if it is to be done correctly and efficiently, requires the right tools. Similarly, using a method or system requires you have all the tools or information required to follow through with the system. Once you have studied this information, you can then make an educated decision whether you believe it will work or simply dismiss it. Keeping this in mind, the "Defunkin' The Funk About Weight Loss" Download, will discuss in length some of the reasons why some dieters succeed and why others fail at losing weight.

     To read the complete "Defunkin' The Funk About Weight Loss", and learn what makes up a so called "successful diet" that would be approved of by the diet authorities, i.e. FDA, where I will explain THE system for losing weight, Download the full version of "Defunkin' The Funk About Weight Loss". You can decide for yourself which system works. By and large the ideas proposed by commercial weight loss programs do work and do contribute to losing weight. However, they ignore the most important facts. This is the reason why most people who try them, fail. You are usually given only half of the prescription to completely lose the weight successfully and keep it off. To get to the root of why most diets and dieters eventually fail...

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